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Specializing in Asian Cuisine.


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1 review
After trying many different Chinese restaurants in this area, East Garden has become my go to Chinese place! They are prompt and accommodating and their kitchen is very clean. The food is tasty. I order from them regularly. My favorites are their egg drop soup, generals tso's Singapore noodles and pork fried riceI am so thankful to have found them!


Top Reviewer
Good food but I wish they would condiments on my French fries . But still good affordable food and nice delivery people


Top Reviewer
Lunch Specials were good at around 3pm. L8 not great, but L27 and L9 were fantastic.


Top Reviewer
We order here ALOT!! Food has always been great as well as the service.

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East Garden Reviews on Seamless


4 reviews
This is the absolute go to Chinese place for reliable, fast, inexpensive / tasty food. I order from here all the time and they deliver every time. No pun intended.


Top Reviewer
This has been our go-to Chinese place for over five years. Food is good, prices are great and delivery is fast!


Top Reviewer
Delivery was fast, and food was hot and delicious! will definitely order from here again.


1 review
They should call their general tso chicken five star general tso because it's that good


1 review
Super delicious, my go-to for Chinese food in my area. The pork dumplings are a must!

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